Duct Tape and Plastic is NOT Enough!!

The American population has come to realize that we live in perilous times. However, they are just beginning to understand that they must prepare in advance of a terrorist attack. We have enemies around the globe that would love nothing more than to bring the “great Satan" to its knees. The UN says that Al-Qaeda has "already taken the decision to use chemical and bio-weapons in forthcoming attacks". Our territorial borders are not secure and sleeper cells of suicide terrorists are likely on American soil planning their attack as you read this. Sadly, the United States government is woefully unprepared when it comes to protecting its citizens. While other countries (Sweden, Israel, etc.) have gone to great lengths to provide protective masks and safe room equipment for each of its citizens, our government contingency plans are limited to dealing with mass casualties. We need to realize that if Americans are to survive a nuclear or biological attack, we must take responsibility for ourselves and prepare in advance. The time to gather your supplies is now! It will be too late to start shopping for supplies once we have been attacked.

Since the infamous attack on the World Trade Center, many citizens have demonstrated personal responsibility by purchasing military surplus masks and suits. These items are our first line of defense and will be invaluable for evacuation of a small area after a limited attack. However, if you live in a populated area where large numbers of people are trying to escape (which is a more likely target), evacuation will likely be paralyzed by gridlock. If you are successful in leaving your area, you might find that your destination has become contaminated by wind borne fallout, or is occupied by infected people, who also escaped! However, the most likely scenario involves government quarantine of affected areas. This means that you will be forced to stay put and ride out the storm. Gas masks and chemical suits are not only uncomfortable, they are eventually going to fail! Any person using common sense must conclude that you must escape to an uncontaminated area where you can eat, drink, cook, sleep and perform natural bodily functions!

At a minimum, what you need is a clean room to which you can escape. Better yet, you might be able to protect your entire home, which would provide you and your loved ones with a safe, familiar living environment. The United States Government is beginning to inform the public on how to protect themselves but the information they have provided is incomplete. Our children know not to put their heads in plastic bags… have you heard any warnings from the government on the dangers of sealing yourself in a room with duct tape and plastic? Think about it folks… duct tape and plastic is a good method of suicide!! You MUST have ventilation in a sealed room or you will suffocate!

Using a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, you can construct an air filtration and ventilation system that will remove particles down to 0.3 microns in size. This would remove nuclear fallout, a wide variety of biological weapons and most allergens! Simply construct sealed ducting (using sheet metal or plywood) to attach the filter to a blower fan. Use the blower fan to draw outside air through the HEPA filter into your clean room, home or workplace. Such an air filtration system will provide you with highly filtered air, which will create a slight positive pressure within your living area. The positive pressure will help to keep airborne contaminants outside! You'll want a large filter capable of enduring a potentially dusty environments (nuclear detonations create a lot of dust).

Sage Earth Sciences, Inc. has obtained a substantial quantity of government surplus industrial HEPA Filters and Pre-Filters. Our filters are NOS (New Old Stock) in the original unopened box. These massive filters were originally purchased by the United States Government for use in the unfinished WPPS Nuclear Power Plant. Due to budget overruns, the project was abandoned and the materials were sold as surplus. It was another HUGE waste of taxpayer money, but you can still personally benefit from this case of government waste. Don't make the mistake of choosing a small household HEPA type filter. When you need it, you will want a filter that is capable of working in severe conditions.

If (or more likely when) we experience a nuclear attack, or another, more effective biological attack on American soil, you will be relieved that you had the foresight to protect your family by preparing for the unthinkable. With a little preparation, and a dose of American ingenuity, your family and friends can survive many forms of unconventional warfare.

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