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Environmental Site Assessments

Property transactions require performance of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and/or Transaction Screen to demonstrate “due diligence” to qualify for “innocent purchaser defense” under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA). Sage routinely performs ESA's in accordance with ASTM E1527/E 1528. Our standard scope of services for Phase I EAS's includes:

Initially, ASTM E1527-97 articulated the CERCLA “innocent landowner defense” as the purpose of the Phase I EAS. However, the current ASTM E1527-00 revision incorporates Business Environmental Risk (BER) into the Phase I ESA purpose, which may include asbestos, wetlands, radon, etc. In order to meet BER, our clients must inform Sage of the site's future use or terms of the sale and purchase price. Otherwise, Sage will limit the scope of work to include only Recognized Environmental Conditions and exclude BER.

Visually inspecting for floating petroleum at a remote waste disposal site.

Phase II ESA's

When Recognized Environmental Conditions are determined to exist on a property during the Phase I ESA, the client may choose to perform a Phase II ESA to assess the potential presence of a range of contaminants, which are within the scope of CERCLA, as well as petroleum products. In this case, Sage will perform a Phase II ESA in accordance with ASTM E1903-97. We have the capability to fully characterize surface and subsurface contamination to provide you the ability to ascertain environmental risk and methods of remediation.

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